The Process: Vintage Print Adire Shirt

The process of making our Adire  Shirt Vintage design starts with a careful selection of a textile company that understands our goals and vision. We work with fabrics from “The Adirelounge” an indigenous hand dyed textile company.

In the making of this print we used the best white cotton fabric available on the “planet” .

White cotton Fabric


The fabric is DE starched or pre dyed ( A process of removing starch from the fabric so the wax can be properly absorbed). And the hot wax is used to draw the vintage patterns on the fabric. For this we wanted a two color base (blue and red ), so the white fabric was dyed first in those colors before the vintage design was hand drawn with hot wax.

Fabrics dyed before the hand drawn with wax



Hand drawn vintage design with wax


After the wax process it is ten immersed in a final background color we chose black. Then the wax is removed by immersing in hot boiling water. It is rinsed in a clean water and hung to dry.

untitled 1
Dyed Vintage Fabric hanging to dry
Sewn Longsleeve shirts for Men




Our Vision at CYNIM is to make beautiful shirts hand made with love and also promoting our indigenous fabric “Adire”.

To shop this shirts kindly send us an email :

Vintage Adire Shirts- N8,000

Kindly let us know what you think in the comment box below.

Thank you.







CYNIM has unveiled it’s 2015  campaign photos in anticipation for the brand’s website launch.

CYNIM is a classic shirt brand with ethnic infusion, regal and playful designs, for persons who want to demonstrate their traditional values by what they wear.

it features a quirky styling which features  vibrant prints that are hand dyed. it collaborated with a textile company “Adirelounge” to create the hand dyed prints.

IMG_2808IMG_2813IMG_2816IMG_2821IMG_2831IMG_2834IMG_2841IMG_2862IMG_2864IMG_2876IMG_2889IMG_2899IMG_2852IMG_2845IMG_2920IMG_2913IMG_2779 IMG_2796


Creative Direction: Cynthia Asije

Instagram: @shirtsbycynim

Fabric Artist : Adirelounge


Art direction & Styling : Tosin of Styleinfidel

Instagram : @thestyleinfidel

Make Up : Kolawole 08036476906

Models : Queen ( instagram; @onyemachiqwin) and Kwen Maye

( Instagram; @mannikwen)

Photography : Dayo GbPixels (Instagram; @oladayo_gb)

For more information on the brand CYNIM;

Phone: +2348060154574


blog: www,

Instagram: shirtsbycynim

twitter: shirtsbycynim

My Love Letter to GOD!!!

SimRoyalE World

Dear God,

“I would love to say thousands of words to try to explain to the World my experience with you, but then I hit a brick wall trying to articulate my thoughts & and feelings because it still fails to capture all the things I want to say about You.

I ask myself, Who am I that you are so mindful of me?, who am I to deserve all the love you shower on me?, who am I that you bless me the way you do?, who am I that you would shake heavens and earth all for my sake?
Many times my stubbornness has caused me to stray away, but still, with loving kindness you discipline me and eagerly await your precious Princess to come back home.
Many times I have doubted, many times I have been discouraged, but in these times, You continually prove yourself supreme,


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Fashion Freedom:Meet CYNIM




Meet one of the designer(Cynim) that will be showcasing her designs on Fashion Freedom which will take place in Benin on April 27th 2014…. 

Cynim noticed a massive gap in the market for unique, stylish, rare designs in shirts that makes you stand out.

Their shirts are produced to go through seasons and embody the Nigeria element of fashion.

The Cynim brand is an initiative to increase the Buy Nigerian Mentality. Workmanship and Fabric are sourced locally. Our designs portray the client’s persona.

The Cynim King and Queen is one who dares to be different, values comfort, wants to stand out and look attractive. They are confident not scared to bring out the royal part of them. All they do is MAKE A STATEMENT,which they will do at the day of the event(Fashion Freedom)

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The question on most shirt buyers mind is; Is my shirt fabric 100% pure cotton? Would the fabric last the test of time? Shirt Lovers always want to know if they are getting the value of what they are paying for. I get asked this question most times, if we at CYNIM use 100% pure cotton. It’s a Yes and No answer. At CYNIM we believe in creating beautiful pieces and shirts wish can pass for a formal and informal wear. We use cotton, linen, ankara, chiffon,silk e.t.c. And where other fabrics are used apart from cotton it is stated otherwise.

So, for our cotton fabric lovers, here is a quick research we did at CYNIM HQ for you.

Cotton is one of the world’s oldest known fabrics,dating back to ancient Europe. Cotton is a white fibrous substance composed of the hairs surrounding the seeds of the cotton plant. Cotton fibre is a high quality yarn,spurn up with long staple fibres. Cotton is made from seeds of the cotton plant called bolls, the bolls are spurn into thread, which are then woven into fabrics to make your favourite clothing. 

Properties of Cotton fabric includes; it is known for its softness,shrinkage,versatility and lightness. Cotton fabrics are breathe able, they are stronger when wet, and holds about 30 times the weight of fabric. It can be dyed very easily too. It withstands high temperatures and so usually requires high temperature when ironing them.

On how to care for them, well that will be another blog post…

Have a Great Weekend!!! And watch out for our new collection…We are so excited!!! 





CYNIM shirts are made just the way luxury shirts should be made; bespoke, elegant and fitted to to your body. i feel real good everytime i wear them, and they definitely get noticed more, which is always great for business. Steve Harris…Management Consultant

CYNIM shirts are nice, most people loved the patterns on the shirt,others just love the mix of seriousness and casual look it brings.              Shawn Faqua…Actor

I saw the shirt online,fell in love with it because of the uniqueness and simplicity. the feeling when i wore it matched my expectattions. Dressing casual just can’t get any trendy. I made a good call and the shirt complemented the expression. Musa Olasupo…Banker

First off, i love the packaging the shirt came in, i was really impressed, the shirt was really premuim. i love the quality of the material used, the cut was perfect,and the colour and design was just exactly as it was sketched . I believe CYNIM shirts will stand at par with a TM or H&C annyday. And yes, i feel really good anytime i wear it. Ifunto Oni…Author BEAUTIFIED.

It’s amazing how an awesome shirt can inspire admiration and also spark up a conversation with total strangers on occasions. CYNIM pretty much does that to one’s appearance. It’s not just an outfit, it’s a headline. Marizu Nwoke…Banker

I really felt good  because i had never had a shirt designed that way before. i liked the fact that it had a nice fitting, people said i looked really nice and it felt good like every penny was worth it.. Norah Ogazi…Banker

I liked my shirt because it’s very stylish and eye catching. Love the fabric, price and quick delivery especially. Dami Lawal…Audit Associate.

CYNIM shirts fit firmly and the patterns you get are not general, the uniqueness of the shirt makes it unbeliveable that it was hand sewn. Oludare Akinlaja…Pastor/Serial Entrepreneur.



The CYNIM Kings and Queens  espouses royalty in an urban lifestyle. The colour palettes  for this collection are bright, distinct colours with a lot of stripes  depicting royalty.

The CYNIM royal individual is dressed for all  events  especially the workplace or just hanging out. You could call them “Urban Royalty” and you will be spot on.



MODELS: Rukky Ray Okpu, Jennifer John, Tombra Debekeme


MAKE UP:Y.M.C unVeils Makeover Intl.

STYLIST: Ivie Osawe

further enquiries; Phone Num-08060154574



To produce beautiful shirts that will enhance our clients outlook  and make them look royal and attractive.


CYNIM a fashion label that will produce and retail fashionable and attractive male and female shirts. the clothing label will include accessories such as fabric brooches, cuff links,scarves, and jackets.

We encourage our clients to be experimental  with designs and silhouettes.

Our mission is to design beautifully created clothes with the needs of the clients in mind, to make them attractive and feel royal. CYNIM‘s clients are Kings and Queens and will be treated as such.







We also do  customized branded shirts for organisations,branded with the company’s logo .

With this, it helps build the organisation’s brand,customers are able to identify their business and it reinforces corporate identity and build brand awareness.

For further enquiries:


Phone Number: 08060154574





Designing Beautiful shirts for the fashionista and Upward mobile gent who has a fabulous persona and wants to exude success…